Monday, October 29, 2012

"Eye" Hope you have a Lovely Halloween!

In the spirit of Halloween as it rolls around the corner this week I thought I would share a little fun Halloween treat that I put together for some friends. I saw the idea on the lovely Pinterest, where else these days?

Well I didn't actually read or follow any instructions, but if you want to check out the original makers or idea-ers of these lovely goods you can check them out HERE. But Just seeing the picture on pinterest I had a pretty good idea of how I wanted to throw it all together.

I have recently become a new found friend and fan of cake pops, especially since I acquired myself one of these lovely fellows.

So I got a cake box mix, whipped it up and using this little friend made a bunch of cake balls. Then I put then in the fridge to cool down some.

Then I melted some white chocolate melting discs, and using a fork dipped the little balls into the chocolate and then placed then it little mini cup cake linners. Then with the quick assistance of my hubby, he placed the chocolate chips and gummy lifesavers on the white chocolate before it hardened (you could probably do this by yourself, but having an extra hand definitely helps make it go quicker and less messier).
And there you have it! Yummy cake eyeballs, ready for a yummy Halloween treat!

"Eye" hope you have a fun festive Halloween this week!
Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Skeletons in the Closet

I love Halloween time, it is really just so fun to me. But I guess the more modern take on it is what thrills me, not so much the gory gloom and doom of it that goes way back in its making. I guess it comes down to I love being creative and dressing up, and who doesn't love candy? Then with my husband's family we have taken on a new Halloween tradition that we eat pizza and candy and watch some sort of Halloween movie after the trick or treating is done for the night. I love the fun factor of it all.

Well since I am about to pop, with a wee little one growing inside me, I thought I would get an early start on sharing our costumes, just in case this little girl wants to grace her presence before the actual fun Halloween day. We went to a Halloween carnival last week, so we at least got to share our get-ups at least once, hopefully we will still get one more chance next week.

So long story short, and back to the title of this post, here is what we did. In my browsing on pinterest, I came across this, and knew that would be a perfect theme for our costumes this year, and would be very reasonable to get together in my lazy and awkward state.

So here is how it all worked:

1. I googled different images that we wanted for skeletons and stomach areas. For my little girl, we thought it would be fun to put an "apple" in her tummy, since she loves to eat them. We also did a juice box, but free handed it from our own memories.
2. Get some hand freezer paper, which can be found in most grocery stores with the plastic wrap and wax paper and stuff. It makes great stencils. We could have printed this apple on paper and then traced it on the freezer paper, but because of its simple design, we just free handed it on the freezer paper and saved us some printer ink!
 Then we did an ice cream cone for my husband's stomach. Our life is just not complete without ice cream. I also free handed this since it is a very simple design.
 Then for my stomach, we did print this. I placed it underneath the freezer paper and traced it. It is best to write on the non shinny side of the freezer paper, especially since that is the side that you will want to use to iron on to the clothes later.
Again, for saving on printing, I free handed the rib cages, and made rough estimates to make sure it would fit for each of our rib cage sizes. Ours don't look exactly like this one, but it gave me a start of how I wanted ours to look.
Then lastly, we found an image for our arms and legs. I know this isn't entirely biologically correct, but I am lazy, and it isn't only one night, one holiday, so I didn't really care. But I used the basic look of these bones and did rough sketches for all our arms and legs.

3. Then after you have traced or drawn all your bones on the freezer paper, using an exact-o knife, I cut out the shapes. The baby took the longest, for obvious reasons, and I actually didn't cut out all the little details in full scale, because I didn't have the patience. I will explain later how I made up for that.
 4. After they are all cut, you iron on the parts to the clothing. We got our black clothes from our local thrift store. Make sure they are ironed on really well to keep the paint from bleeding out of the stencil.

5. Then you paint away! Depending on the texture of the clothing, some needed more coats of paint than others, but for the most part I did two coats of white paint, and then topped it with a coat of glow in the dark paint.
 And wall-ah! There you have it! Here is a stepped back look of our costumes (sorry, I hadn't finished my hubby's legs yet while taking this picture, but you get the idea).
 Then for a fun close up look at the baby in my belly. It looks more detailed here right? Well after I was done painting (and the paint was dry of course), I went back with a permanent black marker and then used the above skeleton baby pic as my guide and drew in the details. I drew the eye, and underneath the chin, and then the hallow parts of the rib cages and around the legs. Before all this touch up, it kind of looked like a yellow baby blob. Then I don't have it pictured here either, but I sewed a little bow on the top of it's head, since it is a little girl!
And there you have it! So if you are stumped for last minute Halloween costumes, this is always an easy out, and it is was a blast to put together!
Hope you have a wonderful rest of your day and thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Finding strength within and from above

Motherhood. Such a profound word with a whole mix of meanings and definitions. It has been on my mind a lot lately, which I could probably blame on the fact that I have recently jumped into the pool of it all, and will be (sort of already) jumping in again for a round two dunking. Amongst all my contemplating of it all with my own child and soon to be two wee ones, I can't help but think a lot about my own mother.

I had the best mommy this world, that God, could have granted me. But amongst all her amazingness and blessing on my life I can't help feel like on a constant basis that I got ripped off, that I was cut short of a wonderful, much needed blessing in my life. As my toddler gets older, and as I try to prepare myself for the realities of another one on the way within a month and half or so, I just wish I could reach up and grab my mommy out of her little heaven, and gosh darn it, "I am not done with her yet! Is it too much to ask to have her a little longer!?"

I can't help but feel like I got the short end of the stick, loosing her so young in my life, in the fragile years of my chaotic teenage life. There has been and still is so much more in my life that I really want her there for, not just in a spiritual, close by sense, but in a right by me, physical presence sense, there to answer my questions, or give me one of her amazing hugs when I feel like falling apart.

This just seems to be a struggle I will most likely run into the rest of my life, and no matter what I do, the pain of it all still lingers around.

But with each daily struggle, maybe there is still hope.
 When I think about my mommy, and how much "woe is me" for not having her, and I just want her back, I also am blessed with little reminders of the gems I have with me. I don't know what God has in store for me as a mother, but if I can be half the mother that she was to me, my little kiddos are in good hands.

I need to re-channel my emotions, my thoughts, from anger and sadness to gratitude and love for my own children. I might not get my mom, but maybe I can still try to be a good mom for my own kids, like she was for me the short time I had her.
Maybe I can't have my mom right by me, or near, helping me, telling me how to handle the chaos of each day. Maybe I can't have one of her amazing problem melting hugs, or one of her yummy comfort food meals, but I can still try to be the part of her that is embedded in me. I can give a hug to my little girl, melt into her and feel the love only a mother can feel for her child. I can play with her, be there for her in every way possible that I wish my mom could still be here for me. Maybe amongst all the pain inside of not having my mom, I can slightly compensate by trying to be like her. Maybe in my quest to be like her to be a good mother, I can also push through some of these pains of just missing her so much.
Maybe I can't have my mom with me in all the ways I want and long for, but I can strive to be the mother my little girl wants and longs for each day. Because that is what motherhood is all about, being there for our children, in whatever way our life, our circumstances will permit. This is certainly one of my top quests, my top life long journeys, to be the mother they need, the mother God intends me to be for them. There is hope amongst the pain.

A whole new direction, sort of

As maybe some of you have noticed, I have given this blog a whole new look, and with that new look, I am sort of going to go with a new different direction. I still will share the usual fun crafty creating sort of stuff that I have been sharing, but I also wanted this blog to be something more than that. I wanted it to be more all inclusive, pretty much where I can share it all, whatever my "all" may be.

Then you maybe have noticed I totally revamped the title too. Well let me explain. A few years back when I was in college I took a Humanities course called "the Heroic Journey". I loved this class, and it is actually one of the few classes I still remember and still enjoy a lot of the things taught from it (with double time pregnancy brain, there is a lot of things I don't remember from my college days anymore, so if I remember anything, it's gotta be good, right?). The main idea of the class was taking regular stories and find the heroic journey that is embedded into them, taking the simple characters, and watching them overcome their greatest struggles, and their greatest fears. We all might be regular people living regular lives, but we all have a quest, a journey that we go through, even if it is something simple as making through one day at time.

So here is my quest, my "heroic journey," to be the person I hope God intends me to be. My quest to overcome my insecurities, my faults, my many daily and countless endless failures and fears. To find the good that has been placed in my life and enjoy it in every way possible. And maybe someday, my life will be worth remembering, be worth recognizing as a "heroic journey."

So long story short, here is the new me, or the new blog. Come join with me on my quests whether they be spiritual, emotional, physical, parental, or creative. And hopefully I won't bore you too much in the whole process!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Sheet Holder

If you are in the mood for a real fast easy re-purposing craft, then this is the one for you. Ever since we switched to a queen bed our sheets will never stay on through the night. By morning time they are all bunched up and off the bed and it is about to drive me crazy. So if you have this problem too, this is also another winner.

First I tried looking around locally just to buy the things, but I couldn't ever find them. Then just googling them, they seem to come across really pricey as you can see HERE. They were ranging from $50-$170 just for these little guys. I am not sure why. So my next best option, make it myself! Or maybe that should have been my first best option. Oh well.

So apparently my googing skills aren't the very best. And thanks to the better skills of my sister, there are these at Amazon for around $5. So if you aren't up for a domestic challenge, you can buy them here too.

As you can see there really isn't much to it. I could have probably made this from scratch, but really, it was much easier to do it this way (and probably cheaper too!)
I found a pair of suspenders from our local thrift store. Only $2, and that's it!
 I cut the straps to look like so, and cut the extra set of clips to be sewn on the ends like so...
 Just sew them down, so you have clips for both ends
And that's that! Clip them on the sheets and look forward to countless nights of sheets no longer coming off, I personally can't wait! For this project I only made two clips simply because we only have the problem on the top of the bed, if it ever becomes a problem on the end of the bed, then I know what to do now!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Until next time!

Friday, June 1, 2012

A frame Play Tent

So I saw This darling A-Frame tent from "Cakies" blog, on Pinterest one day, and knew I must try. So I finally did, and now I will share with you. But since I am horrible at step by step photos when I am making things, I will try to explain things from my already finished project. Or if all else fails with this, you should just go to the original blog I got the idea from, because they gave great step by step instructions.

 The original used a twin sheet, so they were able to find dowels that long, I didn't get that lucky, so I just hemmed my material to the length of the dowel across, then fit as long to fit on both sides.
 Maybe it worked great for the original post, but when I did this part, it didn't fit very tight, so we bought these little clip things to help hold the dowel and frames into place better. We got them at our local hardware store.

 Then the original post didn't add these as well, bu for more durable features, we thought we should add them. We just screwed dowels on the inside of the frames to give it more support. Then it also helped with making ties for the material, and could tie it down all the way across to hold it in place. I liked the ties more than the elastic like they did on the original post. But I am sure both would work great.
 Then one last feature, I sewed a loop at the top to run the dowel through to also hold it in place better.
It has worked like a charm and my little girl loves it! And the best  part is it fold away flat nicely for when we aren't using it.

Only small disclaimer for this project if you try it at turned out to be a little more pricey than I thought this little project would be. The most expensive stuff was the molding that we used for the frame, just for that it was around $20, maybe we could have shopped around and found a better deal, but the lazy in me was content with what we found. Then if you have to buy material instead of using stuff you already have, then that can add up too. But maybe in the long run it will be worth it since I can see it being use for many years and many children to come!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by!
Until next time!

Friday, May 25, 2012

DVD Coloring Case

I saw this brilliant idea on THIS blog, Handmade by Stacy, and knew that I must give it a try. We like to store all our DVDs in a folder with plastic protector sleeves so that they are are all in once place, so that leaves us with a ton of empty cases, thus this project seeming all the more appealing.

 We love all the Toy Story movies, (and actually have all of them, so I used some of the pictures from the movie covers for this cover), so I thought I would make this coloring case along that sort of theme.
 As Stacy shows it, you first need to cut out the circle part. I didn't have a fancy plastic mat to protect the outer plastic sleeve of the case, so I just used cardboard, but still needed to be a little extra careful that I didn't cut through that too.
 Finally got it all cut out
 Then I cut cardboard and glued it on the insides, I used old cereal and cracker boxes, and made them the above dimensions
 Then I used regular construction paper, and glued the little Toy Story cut outs to it, I made it the above dimensions
 And slide it in.
For the left side I just googled Disney print-ables and came across a few, made sure they fit the dimensions, printed, laminated, and it is set to go! For the right side, I just got some scrap material I had laying around, and hot glued it all together (can you tell that my crayon pocket is an old shirt cuff?) Then my favorite about these coloring pages and such is that I used Dry Erase Crayons, so that the same pictures can be colored over and over again. I bought them on Amazon Here, but I have recently seem them at Walmart (even our Non-Super Walmart) and it is much cheaper mostly because you don't have to pay shipping! I love these crayons because I never have to worry about them drying out, and they come off pretty easy!

Now I can't wait to start making lots of other goods with these cases, my creativity streaks are just bubbling with excitment for the next ones!

So there you have it! Hope you have a great long weekend!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Smore Cake Pops!

In getting ready for my sister's wedding in June, I offered to make some cake pops as treats for the reception. So until then I have been putting in some practice on making the goods.

The first time I tried it the basic way where you make a cake, mash it and mix it with frosting and then form into balls. I am not going to lie, I wasn't very impressed with this way of making them, and for some reason the idea of doing it this way made the whole task seem overwhelming. Maybe I didn't pick a good cake recipe, or a good frosting recipe, or didn't pick good chocolate to coat it with it all, but I just didn't like how it all turned out, especially the taste. I think the mix of cake and frosting in the middle with chocolate on the outside made the whole bit almost overwhelming and way too rich for my liking. From this one experience many months ago it has taken me a long time to want to practice making them again...
Until I saw this beauty for only $15 at Walmart:

Sorry this pic is blurry, I got it right from the walmart website, I felt lazy and didn't want to take a pic of the actual one I bought, but it looks just like it though :)
 Getting this lovely thing for such a good deal, I couldn't resist giving the pops another practice round. So finding out that today was my neighbor's birthday, I thought it would be a perfect day for a new adventure.

Now even though this practice round is "Smore" flavored, I might not actually be making them like this for the wedding (unless she'd like them now after seeing them :) since I am going for Coral colored ones to match her colors for the wedding. But either way, I figured this round would be fun and new, and would at least give me the dipping practice for making them pretty and such.

I must saying getting this little machine was a great investment, and I am positive I will use it more than just her wedding. It was fast and easy, and I liked that I didn't have to mix the cake with frosting, making it too rich, but left it with a nice fluffy middle flavor. The only complaint so far is that they didn't turn out completely round when they were done, but that could have also been the recipe I tried, because it might not have had a chance to be fluffy enough to rise to the top mold. I will have to keep giving it a good practice. Especially since I actually enjoy eating these and will probably practice much more.
So long story short. I made "Smore" cake pops. I used THIS yellow cake recipe for the batter, although I halved the recipe (which I am glad I did, because even cut in half it made a lot). Then after making all the balls I put them in the freezer to get firm and easy to dip. Then from a suggestion from a friend I poked them with a fork instead of the sticks so that the ball wouldn't slide around like it did to me before, then gave it good dip in the melted chocolate. Before the chocolate got firm I sprinkled it with graham cracker crumbs and mini marsh mellows (that I cut into fourths). And Wall-ah! Yummy Smore cake pops! (and for this round I put them in mini cup cake liners, instead of on sticks, mostly because I am cheap and didn't want to use my sticks yet, I am saving them for the wedding. Plus the cup cake liners gave it an elegant chocolate sort of look, right? :)

And the best part of this whole process, was my husband asked me if I got this idea from pintirest. Ha ha, oh he knows me too well. But believe it or not, there are still SOME creative thoughts left in this universe and I did put the idea of it all together by myself...although I am sure there is a good chance someone out there still thought of the idea too. Either way they turned out yummy and I can't wait to try making more again!

Thanks for stopping by!
Until next time!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Headband/Hair-tie holder

 Ok...I'm blog-deficient, and can't get the top picture to move down.

So...I found this idea on Pinterest and LOVED it! First I found a great candle holder at Wal-mart (see above).  Then I had the kids eat a bunch of oatmeal so I could use this container pictured below. (It was mostly oatmeal cookies rather than oatmeal breakfasts.)

 Here is my pad of scrapbook paper. I found a neutral-ish one that I like and covered the oatmeal container. I was unsure about the height of can, I thought it was too tall, but once it was done I liked it. But if you want a shorter one, I think you could cut the can down (it is cardboard); although I would be worried about the lid still if you have an extra can you could give it a try.  I used Modge Podge to glue the scrapbook paper on and then I used it on the outside to make the container somewhat waterproof.  Then you glue the oatmeal can onto the candle stick. I used super glue, but it has already fallen off, so I wouldn't recommend that. And I'm lazy enough that I haven't put it back on, but using a glue gun or something might work.

Here is the finished product, complete with headbands. Make sure you have a can big enough to hold headbands. They make smaller cans of oatmeal, but they are not just shorter, they are skinnier, so the headbands don't stay on. So, the headbands go on the outside and the hair-ties and ribbons and such and possibly even the brush can go in the inside. Cute and simple.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Oatmeal Muffins (gluten free and Diabetic friendly!)

A ways back I shared these lovely muffins, but these ones are a little different and are more on the breakfast sweet side. I found this lovely recipe on pintrest and had to give them a try.

I don't know what your mornings are like, but I am very out of it the first 2 hours or so after waking up, especially when waking up is entailed in the hours of 6-8 in the morning like it does for us. I am just not a morning person. So to try and give my husband a better breakfast than just cereal like what we've been doing for a while, I tried these muffins, and so far they are a great hit!

They came from this website. And the great idea of them is after you make them, you can throw them in the freezer, and thaw them out the night before eating them, and then add milk or water to them in the morning, throw them in the microwave for about 60 secs and now you have oatmeal for breakfast! And because you made them, you know exactly what is in them, compared to those pre-packed oatmeal things, and they don't take as long as making regular oatmeal from scratch.

 I followed the recipe exactly...except instead of adding nuts or chocolate chips on top, I added slices of fresh apples (we just really like apples in our oatmeal, so it seemed fitting!) And then instead of their alternative sweetener, I just used sugar, so I guess if you follow my way, it wouldn't entirely be diabetic friendly. So if you want to try it out, check the website Here. I am being lazy and didn't want to post the recipe, plus, they deserve all the credit anyway, and could use the real faithful viewing of people wanting to try their goodness out :)
Overall, we are great fans, especially me, because now I feel a little more better about not being a lazy wife and can give my family a change of scenery in the breakfast department without having to do too much extra work (especially when I out of it in the morning). To make sure the muffins didn't freeze together, I individually wrapped them in plastic wrap, and then popped them in a freezer safe container. Now when we want oatmeal, we just get them out the night before (and even if we didn't I am sure we could even microwave the morning of, and they'd still turn out!)

Then as a portion size heads up, we thought two would be a good amount to eat per person, but we could barely get them down, they are so filling! So I would say one is plenty for an adult and because they are so packed with goodness, you will be full for hours!

Anyway, thanks again for stopping by, hope you enjoy a lovely weekend ahead!

Until next time!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Sensory Fun!

It has been so fun to watch my little girl grow, especially as of late seeing how much more coordinated and curious she is becoming. Back in college I got my associates in Professional Preschool Education and a Bachelors in Child Development. And as much as we covered things on younger children, my real hands on work ended up being the preschool age realm.

Now I know my little girl is still a ways from being that official preschool age of 3-5, but it has been fun to see how she is becoming more and more curious with playing with things and exploring them in realms that I learned in college.

So long story short, I thought it would be fun to put together a Sensory Table for my girl like we always had for the children in preschool. They were always a hit in my classes, because they loved feeling and exploring with their hands. Their senses at these young ages are so alert and ready to explore, so having things in a more contained environment (a table or bucket) can not only be fun for the kiddo, but for the adult, because then there isn't as much mess.

I saw these cute tables at Amazon, here and here, but as much as they looked great and fun, they also looked way out of my price range. So then I went to my next best option- the thrift store!

 I found this watermelon wooden basket thing for $2, and it has worked great, having the bigger, currently unused toys below, and it turned out to be the perfect dimensions to fit these little pink buckets neatly inside. When my little girl was born, she had her first bath in one of these little pink buckets in the hospital, and when you go home, they let you keep the bucket. Well I also saw lots of these at the store, I guess new local parents didn't feel a need to keep them. I probably didn't entirely "need" to get them all, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to get them just in case they brake, or to use for other variety of things. Long story short, the little buckets were only 50cents each!
 Then I found a little packet of summer "Sand toys" at the dollar store. She scooped those beans in and out of the small red bucket for close to an hour, and she loved every second of it!

Since I hate wasting food (even the dry stuff, we actually don't buy canned beans, we use the dry ones for our cooking, because they are lots cheaper and healthier!), I saved these beans in an empty #10 can, and we will only use them for her to play with. I plan on using these beans over and over, so that way they get a good use out of them, and they aren't entirely being wasted after one playing use. I think I will do the same with Rice and maybe even Flour (I know, a little risky, but I think she would LOVE playing with flour, and feeling the textures, and just having so fun!).
 Then since the watermelon basket was wood, I didn't want it to over do it's wear with water getting on it, so I found this random metal cage thing for $1, which works great for when she wants to do more water sensory fun. I think she had fun with the idea of playing with water and her bath toys without actually taking a bath (even though she loves baths, I think she liked the change!)
So total, with everything I bought for this fun little adventure in sensory explorations, I only spent $6, including the new toys. And she couldn't be more content loving this new set up!
Sure beats the $40 plus from the tables on Amazon especially since all these items are pretty compact-able and easy to stow away when they aren't in use, where the fancy official ones looked big and bulky, and I don't think I would know where to put it!

Now if you try this at home, I know you won't be able to find the exact set-up that I have, but stretch your mind a little, be a littel creative, and if you really want something for your kid, I know you could figure it out with random odds and ends either in your own stash of things, or putting things together at the thrift store. If you do, it will feel great saving the money, and letting your kid have a blast playing and exploring with their senses!

That's all for today!
Until next time!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Much Late- Easter Skirt

I have been meaning to post this, but I just have had some many other goods I wanted to share I let myself get carried away, and now it is almost a month past Easter. Oh well, at least this little sewing project doesn't have to be something you can only make for Easter.
 So remember my cute little girl in her cute little Easter Dress? Well I made a skirt to match. I love this pattern/style of a skirt, it is so easy to make. Maybe I am getting a little carried away with this statement, but I think just about anyone could make it and you wouldn't need a pre-made pattern.
 Okay, so I kind of used this older skirt as a pattern (remember when I shared more on it HERE). But Even though you might not have a skirt like this to start with, I think any skirt would do.

The idea of this skirt is to make panels, or sections and them sew them together until you get a complete circle. So if you have a skirt that has a good length you'd want, use that as your guide, then fold it about four times, and in a triangle sort of shape (not exactly triangular, but at least make it so it is skinnier at top and a little bigger on bottom to give yourself a more flared look). The idea of using another skirt as your guide is to make sure you cut it the right length, if you think you can figure it out without the guide then you are all set.
 After cutting out the first panel, I cut out 5 more, and used the first cut as my guide for the rest, to make sure they were all the same size. If you do use one of your skirts, make sure to cut a little more extra on bottom to allow for seams.
 Sorry for the bunching on the side, my little girl was trying to "help" me. But here I have all the panels sewed together, making sure you sew right sides together. Then to complete the circle, you take one edge, line it up with the opposite edge, still have right sides together, so that the outside of the skirt will be inside of the circle. (I hope that makes sense) Then sew the last side making a complete circle, or your skirt complete.
 Then a little trick I noticed on pintrest, you can use the bottom of an old shirt as the top brim for a skirt. Which I think is a brilliant idea, because I HATE sewing in zippers. So here I cut the amount I wanted for the band.
 Made sure it fit well around my waist.
 Then pinned it to the top of the skirt, having right sides together. Then sewed it on.
 Then I had a little extra tulle from my girl's dress, so I add a little fluff on the bottom, but I don't normally add stuff to this kind of skirt, so if you make this, it's all in your own desires which way to go :)
 And wall-ah! The finished skirt, complete to match my little girl.
And now me already ready and wearing it. I was going to get a full on picture with me and my little girl together, but the day was just crazy and my husband was busy with church responsibilities, so it just never came together. But it was fun having a little matching buddy for the wonderful Easter Sunday.

Well that's all for now. I hope you have a wonderful day! And again sorry if I didn't explain this process better, let me know if you have questions!

Until next time!

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